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As some of you know, I arrived in Berlin on Friday, after an awesome seminar (YES) with over 600 people from all over Europe. I met tons of people again, met many new people and had a lot of fun!

But I'm gonna start from the beginning now.

On Monday the 29th in the morning I had to say goodbye to my hostmum, because she had to work and couldn't come with us to the airport. At about 12:00 we (my hostsister, my hostdad and me) left to the airport. When we arrived there were three classmates waiting for me.

Inside the airport there were some more classmates that came to send me off. I also saw all the other exchange students but just like me, they were saying good bye to everyone. I cried a little when I said goodbye but after the security check i somehow couldn't hold my tears back :D I started to read all the letters I got and looked at the photos and listened to music and all that made it even worse :D

When we arrived in Frankfurt it was insane how many people there were. I had the feeling that 99% of the plane passengers were exchange students. At about 5pm we finally landed in Berlin and two friends of mine waited at the airport to say hello to me, and to another exchange student. We talked a bit and then we had to wait for some hours, to get on our bus to the seminar and all the time i thought, that i could just get on a subway/bus, drive 30 minutes and then i'd be home. But well... i didn't do it and that was probably pretty good, because the seminar turned out to be awesome.


Home ten months ago

I just re-read this text and realized how true it is, so sorry for posting it again.

Home Ten months ago,
She fought against tears,
A last view and Goodbye!
She entered a plane with big fears

A year has passed,
A year ago,
It changed her life,
When she decided to go…

She came to a different world,
A world she did not know,
A world she soon called “home”,
The world she did not know

A year has passed,
A year ago,
It changed her life,
When she decided to go…

Now she’s fighting against tears again,
Like ten months ago,
A few weeks left,
And then it’s time to go…

A year has passed,
A year ago,
It changed her life,
When she decided to go…

She’s going to return,
To a now different home,
Something she does not know anymore,
Which is called her “home”

A year has passed,
A year ago,
It changed her life,
When she decided to go...


ma tulen tagasi!

Soo... This one is definitely my last post here in Estonia. At least for 2015.

In four hours I will sit in the airplane on my way back to Germany and I am pretty sure I will cry. I experienced so many wonderful things, met so many wonderful people and learned so much. I will never forget this year here in Estonia, the people, the feeling and the weather (which was not always the best :D). I don't really know what to write here, because I'm pretty bad at expressing feelings, but exchange students and ex-exchangestudents probably know what I feel.

Some day I posted a quote here that said

"An exchange year is not a year in a life, it's a life in a year"

I realized that if you take that quote literally, the day you leave from your exchange is the day of your death. Of course I'm not dying but it really is like the end of a life.

Thank you,

Kristin, you are the best deskmate and school-selfie-partner ever!!
Hedili, for always letting me do stuff to your hair and also for your awesome and cute goodbye present!!
Anna, for the wonderful drawings, all the times you made me laugh out of nowhere and your invitation to your future café ;)
Laura, we spent so much great time together the last days and I'm looking forward to your visit!! :))
Jaanus and Jaanika, te olete kõige paremad hostvanemad!!
Janna, ma armastan sind, õde!! #gujunpyo #geumjandi #peaaeguparadiis
my exchangestudentfriends, for always being there for me!!
lovely classmates, you made my days in school less boring taught me a lot!!
Hannah and Daniel, for making this year possible
all the people that care about me and support me

Basically thank you to everyone, you made my time here special and perfect!

I will definitely come back to Estonia one day and then we'll do, what we didn't manage to do before!
Ma tulen tagasi <3
Ma armastan Eestit <3
Elu on ilus <3

I hope I said everything, but I'm pretty excited and confused and I'm sorry if I forgot something or someone.

"How lucky I am, that I have something, that makes saying goodbye so hard."
- Winnie the Pooh


My last days

About a month ago I started to give around my „goodbye book“. I had it in Germany as well and it's basically filled with pictures, memories and letters. I thought that, because it was only half-filled, I'd let my estonian friends write, draw and put pictures in there as well, so I took it to school and it is almost full now :)

Here in Estonia school ended already in the beginning of June. I think my official last schoolday was on Wednesday, the third of June but the last time we actually had classes was on Wednesday the 27th of May. On the 28th we went to a historymuseum but only stayed for about a half hour. Afterwards I met with a classmate, who will also come and visit me in Berlin in July. The 29th was a free day and on Saturday I went to a fleemarket with two classmates to sell some old stuff. I thought it would be a great thing to do, so I can get rid of some of my clothes and won't have to take them to Germany again, but in fact I came home with more stuff than I had before.

On Saturday evening my hostparents and me went to the Tallinna Vanalinna Päevad to see my hostsister performing at the opening concert. On Tuesday the 2nd of June some classmates and me went to the Tallinn Zoo. On Wednesday then we got our „report cards“ and all the students that did something really well got a diploma or something like this. Even I got one that said that I am a very well integrated exchange student (which was basically a „thank you for existing“, but that was also cool, because it's not a usual thing to thank someone for :D).

On the 5th of June in the morning I met with two AFS-exchange students who currently are in Finland, to show them some of Tallinn's old town. After that I met Kristin and Fine and we cooked at Kristin's place. On the 6th of June there was the Dream Holi Festival and I went there with Jasmina and Fine. Afterwards we stayed over at Fine's place. From the 8th to the 10th of June Fine and me stayed at Jasmina's place in Pärnu and we went swimming in the Baltic Sea. The water wasn't that cold because the sun had been shining on it for the whole day, but it was really windy so we were freezing when we got out :D

On Thursday the 11th of June my grandpa came to Tallinn with his wife. I picked them up from the airport and we went to their hotel and then walked a bit through the old town. In the evening I went to a Korean (?) Restaurant with my hostsister.

On Friday I met a classmate again and on the weekend there was the YFU ALS (year ending seminar).

That weekend was crazy. It was at the same location as the year beginning seminar, with the same people (only some missing, because they went home before) and some same situations. We played weird games again, did even more weird energizers and of course had some workshops as well. In the end our hostfamilies came and picked us up. As in the camp in August we ate together and we exchange students had to sing something again. I don't know if I wrote about it before but in August we were singing „mu mütsil on kolm nurka“ („Mein Hut der hat drei Ecken“) and now we got so far that we learned the lyrics of „kauges külas“ by Curly Strings by heart.

In the end of the seminar, there were lots of tears again, because for some people it was the last time they would ever see each other.

On that Sunday evening we went to the countryhome and I stayed there until the 17th of June. Janna and me went back to Tallinn and I met classmates again. On Thursday I had to go to school one last time because I had to get something for my German school, that says that I attended the classes here. After that I went to another classmates place, because she celebrated her 18th birthday. We ate, talked and watched „Sinister“, which was still scary, even though I hid under my safety blanket most of the time :D

On Friday Janna and me went back to Rakvere, where a relative's graduation was. Yesterday, on the 23rd of June, we celebrated Jaanipäev. In the morning we went to a fair in Avinurme, later we did „kummikuvise“ (=Gummistiefelweitwurf), ate a lot and made a fire. Two days before we went to a Jaanipäev event in Käsmu. There was food, many people, games and music (Kukerpillid and Ott Lepland).

Tomorrow we'll go canooing in south Estonia and on the 27th we'll go back to Tallinn. As always I'm gonna do last-minute-packing. It's kinda bad and stressfull but I just couldn't get myself to packing before because it would have reminded me of leaving and I don't want to leave so.. You get me :D

at the beach in Pärnu cooking/baking with Kristin and Fine Holi Festival (i looked worse in the end :D) with Laura at the beach in Pirita throwback to the year beginning camp with Jenny recreated the picture (without the editing though)



So... now, about two weeks too late, I finally manage to write about the YFU trip to South Estonia and Latvia.

On Thursday morning (7th of May) at 7:30, Fine and me took the bus to Tartu, arrived at about 10 I think and then went to a café to have breakfast. At 11 we met the other exchange students in front of the AHHAA Keskus. From there we had a private bus which took us everywhere. First we went to the Seto Muuseum and then to Piusa, where we looked at sand caves. We arrived in Rõuge kool at about 5 pm and Hannah, Jasmina, Fine and me immediately took the fattest matrass and threw our stuff on it, so nobody else would take it (social to the max :D). We then had free time until 7 pm and explored the "city" of Rõuge and took some pictures :)

At 7pm we got food in a cute little restaurant there and had more freetime until I think 11 pm.
On the next morning it was a bit awkward to walk past all the people, that came to school, just wearing our sleep wear, but it wasn't so bad, since we were in the same situation in Narva and also since we're exchange students. After breakfast in the same cute restaurant, we got in the bus again and drove all the way to Valga. There we had about one hour time to get some food from the store and then our train to Riga was supposed to leave. But of course it didn't go as planned :D
The train didn't go and the bus that came instead, left without us, so we had to call our private bus, that already was on the way back to Tartu, so it would come back and take us to Riga. If everything would have went as planned, we would've been in Riga at 3 pm, in our Hostel at about 3:45 pm and then at 4:30 pm we would've left to get our All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet at 5pm. As i wrote before, this didn't happen and we got our dinner at 6, which was just as good. We only felt a bit sorry for the staff of the restaurant, because they had to work longer for us.

Hannah, Jasmina, Fine and me then went to the city and just walked around. We took the lift to the highest floor of the Radisson Blu Hotel there. In the lift we talked to Swedish tourists and when we left again, we thought there were some german guys as well. After talking to them, we found out, that they were Latvian and one of them spoke german. They showed us around in Riga and when they had to leave, Fine and Jasmina went to a tourist shop and Hannah and me waited for them in front of a café. While we waited we started to talk to french tourists. I think i've never talked to so many new people on one day but it was really cool!

We only had to be back in the hostel at midnight so we had a coffee before we went there.
On the next day we had freetime again until 2:45 pm, when Fine and me took the bus back to Tallinn. In this time Hannah and me went to the German Embassy in Riga, because they had some kind of event. It was awesome and weird to hear german everywhere.

The whole trip was really awesome and Riga reminded me a lot of Berlin :D


grouppicture Hannah, Fine, Jasmina and me in Rõuge Jasmina, Hannah, me  Fine and Hannah with their holy Schnitzel's :D weird and tasty kohuke at the Estonia-Latvia-Border with the Latvians Jasmina's tattoo, that she got in Viljandi Jasmina and me Edgar and me, when we were waiting for our all you can eat wonderful Fine and me :) Hannah and me enjoying the sun in RigaHannah and me again :Dme, Edgar and Hannah


Kalamaja Päevad

On Saturday, Edgar from Mexico, two former exchange students (Katariina and Johanna) and me went as YFU volunteers to the Kalamaja Päevad to search for new hostfamilies and to make some advertisement for YFU. Later three other exchange students joined and it was a lot of fun.
Very many families were interested in getting a son or daughter for a year and also some students who would go on exchange. The whole street was filled with people (mostly hipsters) and it reminded me a lot of Berlin (for example the Rheinstraßenfest or some kind of thing in Kreuzberg).

just ignore our faces ;)

All in all it was a nice day and I spoke Estonian almost the whole time!! :D I know that's nothing special for most people but for me it's an achievement worth sharing ;)

Later Jasmina came to Tallinn and gave me a new hairstyle - again. It's pretty similar to my "before-greenish-hair" so i'm not gonna post a picture :)


Narva 2.0

A little addition to my post about Narva...

Runa, an exchange student from Switzerland filmed a lot during the trip and this is what came out. :)



Sooo... after almost a month of not writing, I finally have the time and will to tell you, what i've been up to.

Last weekend, YFU organized a trip to Narva for us exchange students. Narva is (i think) zhe most eastern city of Estonia, right at the border to Russia.
One of the reasons why I chose Estonia, was because I didn't want ot get this huuuuge culture shock. But well... I still got it. In Narva.
The first really surprising thing for me was, that we were going to sleep in "Narva Eesti Gümnaasium". There is only one Estonian school in Narva!! That's like "Deutsche Schule Rostock" or "Svenska Skolan Göteborg" or something like that. When we arrived and told the teamers, how surprised we were, they told us, that only 3% of Narva's inhabitants are Estonians, even though, it's an Estonian city... This was the first part of my culture shock.

The second one was the supermarket we went to on Thursday evening. Most of the shelves were only half-filled and two were completely destroyed and spread in the market. it was though very interesting that everything was written in Estonian, but nobody talked in Estonian. We went to grab some ice cream there and an old woman asked us something in Russian. It was hard but in the end we figured that she jsut wanted to know, which of all the price tags belonged to the ice cream she held in her hands.

After we arrived on thursday evening, we walked through the city to the school where we stayed. There was this big river and the teamers said that Russia is on the other side. I knew that Narva wsa close to Russia but not, that it was right at the border. So there we had a great view of Russia and of the "Friendship-Bridge"(?) that lead over the river. There were tons of cars waiting to get through the border.

On friday we had breakfast in the school's cafeteria and after that, we got into groups and each group attended three different lessons. Actually we didn't only attend them but give them. We talked about the countries we come from and some also did their "Language-Tour Presentation", which I wrote about here. It was really cool and the students were very interested and asked questions. In one German lesson, we had to teach them words, their teacher would never teach them. Some slang stuff like:
"Isch weiß wo dein Haus wohnt/Bett schläft/-..." = "I know where your house lives/bed sleeps/.."
"Schwöre, isch mach disch Messer" = "I make you knife" (= I'll stab you)
"Isch schlag dich Urban" = "I'll beat you Urban" (reference to the Urban hospital in Berlin)
"Probleme?" = "Do you have any problems with my appearance/existence/...?"

After these lessons we had some free time which I and another German used to take a shower. In the evening then, we had a party with some students from the school. That was when I had another "culture shock". Some of the students put on Russian music, which wasn't bad but just really, really different from what I know. Also their way of dancing differed a lot from the one I am used to, which is not a bad thing!

              remember, kids: It's not bad, it's not good, it's different!

Soooo on the party there were really cool people. To me it seems like Russians don't have the best image in Estonia, which is probably because of the history and the fact that many Russians have been living in Estonia for ages and still don't speak Estonian, which is actually really impressing I think :D I didn't even make it three months without learning Swedish and well.. People say, that my Estonian is better than the Estonian of most Russians :D
A very unpopular opinion but..: My theory is, that many Estonians think bad about Russians, because they only identify the not-Estonian-speakers as Russians. There are probably way more Russians that speak so good Estonian, that Estonians think, they are Estonians.
Anyways. The people there were really cool and interesting, also because they live so close to Russia. I don't even know how many of them actually were Russians or Estonians, because it doesn't really matter to me. At one point some of us went outside and talked there and that was when I discovered that one girl speaks Swedish. So we talked in Swedish the whole time and confused others, which was fun :D

On Saturday we walked to Narva Linnus and had a tour through it. Before we had a pic-nic (?) in the grass and it reminded me so much of Berlin. It was really awesome!!

after we went to the shop the first time lunch on saturday grouppicture lunch on friday playing games with the locals :D another grouppicture my new favourite word in Estonian: tolli kontrolli still weird to me, that there's so much advertisement for the army because this is 2015: #selfie #duckface again selfie.. and again.. same cool person! and a duckface again. plus Pia's fancy sunglasses

This video is very YFU-like... For those who don't know: We do those energizers everytime and everywhere. :D


Spring break and stuff

Erstmal viel Glück beim Übersetzen, Hedili ;)

Im Gegensatz zu Berlin ist heute mein letzter Ferientag.
Wir hatten auch leider nur eine Woche, aber die hab ich ziemlich genossen. Vor den Ferien war ich eine Woche krank und hatte deswegen irgendwie 2 Wochen Ferien. Das Wochenende davor war der 18. Geburtstag von einer Freundin von mir und wir haben bei ihr zuhause gefeiert und einige coole Fotos gemacht. It was a really cool and awesome party and i had a lot of fun!! :) Happy Pi-Day!

Liisi und ich Liisi, Hedili (18 geworden) und ich Liisi und ich Kristin, Liisi und ich Hedili und ich Hedili und ich

Letztes Wochenende hatte Fine Geburtstag (beziehungsweise am Dienstag davor) und wir haben eine kleine Party zu zweit gemacht und uns geschminkt.. also nicht dieses normale schminken sondern skull makeup oder so. Ich weiß nicht wie genau das heißt, daher hier ein Foto.

In den Ferien war ich fast die ganze Zeit in Tallinn. Von Donnerstag auf Freitag bin ich mit meiner Gastfamilie im Noorus Spa Hotel in der Nähe von Narva. Ich war vorher noch nie in einem Spa, was für Esten glaube ich echt komisch ist. Hier gibt es wirklich an fast jeder Straßenecke entweder ein Spa oder einen Frisör oder einen Beautysaloon.. und es ist auch mega normal falsche Wimpern zu tragen. Also nicht diese die man selbst aufklebt, sondern die, die man im Beautysaloon jede einzeln angeklebt kriegt. :D
Auf dem Weg zum Spa sind wir noch an Estlands tiefsten bzw höchsten Wasserfall, dem höchsten "manbuilt" Berg und dem Herrenhaus der Familie von Toll vorbeigekommen.

in the manor Der Wasserfall 

Zu dem Post davor über Veränderungen hab ich noch etwas hinzuzufügen. Da hab ich ja nur über innere Veränderungen und so geschrieben, aber in der zwischenzeit habe ich mich auch äußerlich ziemlich - wenn auch nur vorübergehend verändert.

die blaue FarbeZwischendurch waren wir Pizza essenzusammenfassung


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